Matteo Archondis

What I do

What I do

A YouTube channel dedicated to travel and experimental videos, website for branded and commercial content.
Full list of commercial works.


Who am I?

Who I am

Born in 1996 in Lebanon and having lived most of my life in Italy, a passion and love for travelling and creating videos has grown in me.

Filmmaking for me is a mixture of art blended into one circle: visuals, sounds, graphics, basically every technicality allowing creative expression.

As a result of my numerous travels over the years, I have created my YouTube channel dedicated to the videos I’ve filmed. A channel that has become a place where I can share my vision of the world with everyone.

Since my passion hasn’t stopped growing, I also create branded commercial content such as music videos, movie promotions and ads.
You’ll be able to find and watch each and every one of my works through this website.


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Matteo Archondis