Weird Times


With this last short film I would like to share the behind the scenes and the process of creating a shot video as the one below.
After assessing the idea, the second phase was about creating a shot list and a storyline to follow.
Watch the video below and read the storyline and shotlist created for this film.







In these weeks many of us are whitnessing boring scenarios. We have never lived in a weirder moment than that and sometimes things get a bit unnatural.
People start to do strange things, like planting and growing a basket ball in the garden, or do a salad from a book, or also doing lego pop corns.

Our domestic hero starts another day of self isolation in his PJs, he wakes up late, as usual. Breakfast is an optional so he starts preparing lunch, he’ll eat a salad made of books and start the day.
After the salad he rests on his bed and plays with a tomato throwing it to the camera and returning down with a zenital shot.
After his daily rest he goes and continues the day with some outdoor activity in his garden. Today he’s gonna plant a tiny little basket ball and feed it water.

After the outdoor activity he’s gonna enjoy a movie at night, in front of the television, on the sofa.
Our hero likes pop legos (also known as lego corns) and he’s preparing some in a pan.
He’s then gonna pour them in a bowl and eat them in front of the television.
At the end, bored, he’s gonna shut the TV off.
Weird times.


– Shotlist –


☐ Print many pages of words, copied from a book, bored theme



☐ 1 or more books

☐ Paper strips

☐ Salad bowl with fork and spoon

☐ Knife

☐ Tomato

☐ Basket Ball

☐ Legos



☐ PJ

☐ Jeans and shirt



☐ In PJ, shot of opening windows

☐ Shot of desk

☐ Shot of the map lit by light

☐ Shot of transition to kitchen

☐ Shot in the kitchen, from the back, cutting paper (sound of chopping), bowl next to me.

☐ When I’m starting to pour the paper in the bowl next to me cut, above the shoulder, showing paper going into the bowl

☐ Close up shot of the paper

☐ Another angle from left showing me mixing salad. I finish mixing and exit the frame.

☐ Shot of the bed zenital, empty, then I come in, it’s blurred and i start playing with the tomato

☐ Cut to the garden shot parallel, empty, then cut to me from the back, planting the ball

☐ GOPRO or rig gh5 shot of the soil on the camera

☐ Cut to shot of the basket ball in the terrain and me patting it

☐ Transition to black while i go towards the camera

☐ Cut to pot on fire

☐ pop corn starting to pop in the pot, sound of pop corns.

☐ Cut to another angle, I tale the pot and pour the Legos in the pot to a little glass bowl

☐ Cut to me on the sofa with the bowl in my lap, watching tv and eating pop corns

☐ The end.



☐ Chopping board

☐ Gardening in the garden

☐ Opening windows

☐ Sound of paper moving

☐ White sound garden

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