What the food?

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What The Food

Italy, April 11th, many days of quarantine later…

I’ve promised myself I would start this blog (one day), but I always postponed the writing session, so I think this is the perfect time to do it.

No excuses.

Whilst you’re reading this article from home, practicing social isolation, you can always find a way to kill time or discover new passions in a fun way.

Speaking about passions, I never thought I would be able to cook something more complex than a pasta.
In fact these weeks of quarantine are a perfect excuse to experiment and try to cook different dishes.

Quarantine cooking has not been my first attempt at this delicious art. In those last months cakes have been the fail tests I’ve run in the kitchen. Yes exactly, failure cause the first two cakes I’ve done could’ve easily been used as frisbees.

These first failures reminded me of the first filmmaking attempts, trying to film and edit videos, putting together footages that probably didn’t fit, not knowing how to assemble a movie until it was done. Those failures made me smile and keep going through the process even if the final product would’ve been a frisbee.

As for the cooking part, after a couple of weeks I’ve been trying many dishes, from homemade pasta, cakes, dumplings to burgers.

Cooking has been a delicious way to kill time, going out of my comfort zone without even leaving the house.

To end this article in a sweet way I would like to share with you this recipe I’ve tried and I’ll share it through a short video I’ve done, having fun while cooking.


Here are the ingredients:
– Rice or cake flour 220gr
– Sugar 100gr
– Coconut powder
– 1 egg
– Baking powder 1 tbsp
– Oil 100gr
Jam, powdered sugar or chocolate

For the instructions, just follow the video below!

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